• Lissia Williams

How Do I Choose The Best Makeup Artist In The Charlotte, NC?

Updated: May 8, 2018

If you want to find the best makeup artist in Charlotte, NC, you have to know what determines a great makeup artist. Charlotte is a big city and there are a lot of makeup artists locally who are not as professional as the next. It's not easy to say who is the best but below are three qualities that will help you choose a makeup artist for your next event, photoshoot, wedding, or prom. 

#1 Hygiene

Does the makeup artist keep their makeup kit clean? Most professional makeup artists use 90% alcohol to clean their brushes and makeup pallets before applying makeup to the client's face. Not properly cleaning could result in rashes and infections that could be very painful and life threatening. Please ask your makeup artist about their disinfecting routine, as they could be exposing you to harmful bacteria.

#2 Technique

Does your makeup artist know how to apply makeup in the correct way using the latest advanced techniques? Not all makeup artists keep up with the latest techniques that most clients request. This level of expertise determines whether you are an average makeup artist or a professional. Staying current requires attending classes and getting certifications. At these classes, makeup artists learn about hygiene, proper blending, color schemes, matching textures, and more. If the makeup artists before and after pictures look pretty average like your best friend could have done it, they properly are average. Look to see whether your makeup artist is a beginner or a vet. 

#3 Client Reviews

Does your makeup artist have good reviews? Some makeup artists have okay reviews and then some have exceptional reviews. Most people leave their real name on a review and will be completely honest about their experiences with a makeup artist. If you want to really know how good the experience was, feel free to contact past clients and get some insight.  Professional MUA based in Charlotte, NC/Atlanta, GA.