About Lissia


Melissa Williams known professionally as Lissia started her lifelong dream of becoming a makeup artist after the death of her grandmother.

Since birth, Lissia could paint and draw well, so she always had interest in the art behind makeup. Makeup was her release. She briefly attended the Art Institute of Atlanta in 2003.

After perfecting her skills, she attended the QC Makeup Academy, graduating in 2014. Since graduating, she has gone on to do events in Atlanta, Charlotte and all over the East coast. LIssia has done events for Power98FM, CIAA, and a number of weddings, proms, private events and photoshoots. Lissia has also attended classes of renowned makeup artist, Ren Ren. 

Lissia is known for personally catering to her clients wants and need to achieve their desired look. She keeps her skills polished by regularly attending makeup classes in Atlanta and California. She is currently taking more classes in special effects to become a master makeup artist.